How Do I Take Care of My New Lawn?

Watering tips: are a critical part of lawn care.

Fertilizing Lawn

Amount of Fertlizer to buy for your lawn:

Try to purchase only the amount of fertilizer needed at one time or be sure a safe, dry place is available to store the larger amount. 8-10-30 is a good starter fertilizer.

Apply at the rate of 40 lb. for every 10,000 square feet.

Fertilizer spreaders (BROADCAST spreaders are highly recommended vs. drop spreaders) for home lawns can be adjusted to apply materials at different rates. It is recommended that the application be made using 1/2 of the fertilizer applied in two different directions. This allows for rate adjustment when the job is 1/2 done and eliminates streaking due to uneven application patterns. Consult your dealer or the spreader owners manual for suggested settings.